About the Author

Thanks for visiting the Allied Health Career Guide! I’m Leigh Ann, and I’m the one who writes all of the guides on this site. You may be wondering exactly what qualifies me to offer this type of information to my readers.

For starters, I was an educational presenter for a vocational training school that offered several allied health programs. As I helped prospective students learn about their career options, I learned a lot about what it takes to enter the allied health field. I enjoyed watching students succeed as they entered their programs and learned how to become medical assistants, pharmacy technicians, phlebotomists, massage therapists, and EKG technicians.

After I left my educational presenter job, I started working for a nursing magazine. I interviewed dozens of licensed practical nurses, nursing students, operating room technicians, and physicians for my stories on local hospitals and their programs. I gained valuable experience writing about the medical field and developed an interest in sharing this information with as many people as possible.

I’m currently enrolled in a medical transcription and coding program, so I’ve gone through everything you’re going through: wondering which program is right for me, worrying about picking the right school, wondering if I meet all of the qualifications for this career, and worrying about how I will find a job when I finish school. That’s why I decided to develop career guides specifically for those interested in the allied health professions. I am the only person who writes content for this site, so you never have to worry about reading promotional content from someone who is biased for or against a particular school or career. I research everything very carefully and use only the most reputable sources – such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics — to give you information about job duties, salaries, educational requirements, and certification options. As I build the site, I will also be adding free study guides, practice tests, and resources to help you ace your certification exams and do well in your training courses.

Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me directly if you would like to see new content about a specific career or certification. Thanks again for reading!