11 Home Remedies for Stretch Marks from Nature

If you ask- is there any proven home remedy to get rid of stretch marks? The answer to this question is yes, there is. You just have to find the right ones for you. However, there are many causes for stretch mark, and some of these causes can range from the following, they are- being pregnant, gaining weight, losing weight, rapid growth spurts, and a change in physical conditions. Nonetheless, just because these unsightly scars do happen, doesn’t mean that you have to accept them willingly and just live with them. There are some very good home remedies for stretch marks that do work wonders. Some of them will be revealed here for others to get to know well. This way, if they do get stretch marks, or already have some stretch marks. He or she will know how to deal with them at home effectively.

Some of the home remedies for stretch marks that do work, do include, some of the following.

Olive Oil and Coconut Oil Mixture

Olive oil is something that is said to have lots of amazing health benefits. The very same can be said about skin benefits. This is because it can help to reduce stress marks. Olive oil by nature does contain lots of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is very effective in replacing skin tissue. Also, olive oil can soften up the skin, and help the process of stretching of the skin. Coconut oil is also a great moisturizer that is able to seek down way deep within the skin. It provides the skin with lots of softness, suppleness, and prevents it from drying and flaking. It also helps greatly to fade stretch marks away. Therefore, if both of these awesome oils are used together, it will only double the power and healing impact factor of the skin, which in turn will deliver a treatment of the very best kind for stretch marks – double everything!

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is something that can be taken orally. It also comes available in a topical application, which can be applied to the afflicted areas by stretch marks. This is because Vitamin K is very helpful, as a solution, in the treatment of stretch marks. Vitamin K can be purchased by the tube. It is wise to apply it to stretch marks, two to three times daily. Another way is to purchase Vitamin K capsules and pierce them to remove the gel inside. It can also be applied directly to the stretch marks, because it helps heal skin. Vitamin K is also available in one’s diet on a daily basis, and this is, in the form of green veggies that are leafy, tomatoes, liver, and also dairy products.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is another very simple and good home remedy for stretch marks. All you have to do is to apply the lavender oil to your stretch marks, three times a day, which will help to fade them out. Lavender oil is only one of the few essentials of oils that one can use during pregnancy. It is said to be reputed to be one of the very best oils for the treatment of stretch marks. This is because it does contain chemical components that are gentle. These chemical components are made up of alcohol and esters. The chemical components of lavender oil are not irritating to the skin at all. This oil can be applied to stretch marks during the second trimester of pregnancy, but not the first, because women tend to experience miscarriages during the first trimester.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is a great way to help treat stretch marks. This is because Aloe Vera gel does have anti-inflammatory qualities about it. This is something that stretch marks can benefit from greatly, as it can help to reduce the inflammation, as well as, the swelling that can be attributed to stretch marks. Stretch marks are basically damage to the skin. Aloe Vera gel should be applied to the area, twice a day, and it helps to relieve itching, as well. Vitamin E oil can do a lot for stretch marks too. This is because it is an anti-oxidant and the function of anti-oxidants are to promote good health. Vitamin E is perfect to treat existing stretch marks and also to prevent them. Vitamin E comes available in a pure oil form. It also comes available as an ingredient in many lotions and salves. Most importantly, it is also a part of one’s diet, and this is via almonds, spinach, broccoli, and peanut butter. Vitamin E is important for healthy skin growth.


There are a wide variety of nuts that do provide nutrition for the skin and good health. Some of the nuts that are high in zinc and should be consumed daily to help treat stretch marks do include cashews, almonds, and peanuts. All of these nuts have the level of zinc that the body does need to promote good healthy skin. Zinc is an essential mineral and this is because it plays a very important role in the growth and development in many key areas of the human body. Some of these key areas do include immunity, wound healing, protein synthesis, cellular metabolism, and neurological function.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is a word-of-mouth remedy that has been passed down, as well as, passed around for many decades as being a stretch mark treatment wonder. What is true about cocoa butter is this. It is an awesome moisturizer in its own right and it is good to use to help keep stretch marks supple and from drying out. It can also be used as a form of preventive measure to help keep stretch marks away. It is good to hydrate the skin and to help out with skin elasticity.

Almond Oil

Almond Oil and Apricot Scrub are two ingredients that can be used together as one effective treatment for stretch marks. What you need to do is to combine six tablespoons of almond oil along with two apricots. The ingredients should be placed into a food processor or blender. They should then be pureed. The mixture should then be transferred to a tight bowl with a lid. The mixture should then be massaged into the stretch marks for one to two minutes. The mixture should then be washed over with water and then your favorite moisturizer applied to the stretch marks after. This treatment can be applied to times each day.


Aromatherapy is something that does date back thousands of years and it involves the usage of some very special oils that do work wonders. Some of the Essential Oils that can be used to massage into stretch marks as a working treatment do include lavender, Neroli, patchouli, mandarin, rose geranium, Vetiver, jasmine and Helichrysum. These Essential Oils are something that should always be mixed along with a carrier oil and lotion before they are applied to stretch marks directly. This is because they are all very powerful oil and can help heal stretch marks. They can slow down aging of the skin, moisturize it to heal damaged skin cells, and improve elasticity of skin.

Aroma Oil

Using a form of aroma oil and massaging it into the existing stretch marks can help promote skin healing.


A very good and highly effective form of treatment for stretch marks is to incorporate a regimen of regular exercise into your life. This is because regular exercise tones the muscles and does help to keep them very firmly. One very good form of regular exercise for stretch marks is no other than aerobics. This is because aerobics can improve circulation of blood. Good circulation of the body does mean that more vital nutrients are able to reach the surface of the skin. Walking and jogging are great ways to get the skin toned up that is on your legs and hips.

Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion

Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion is good for a whole lot of skin problems and stretch marks are just one of them. This very special lotion can work wonders on stretch marks for a number of reasons. It is not only a highly effective form of moisturizing for the skin that runs very deep. It can also treat and heal the skin of stretch marks, all at the same time, and deliver a feel that is totally clean and not greasy. This very special lotion can rescue one from their stretch mark with every application.

There are tons of home remedies for stretch marks that do wonders. You just have to test out a lot of them personally on your stretch marks. This will help you find the right at home remedy for stretch marks that will work wonders for you the best, at the end of the day.